Tuesday, March 07, 2006


For setting the example of strength and love and appreciating the joy and love while it's there. I ache for your son. And I hope that you and Chris are together again.

I have been remiss in counting my blessings. So.....

Thank you, Michael....

For Oregon, Tofino, Disneyland and Australia.

For all the Myst-like games. For the virtual explorations of Egypt and imaginary planets and fantastical worlds filled with beauty and music. For the constant word and board and trivia games.

For the laughter that was always there. For being silly. For letting me be the clown.

For hearing me. For encouraging me. For helping me find the half full cup. For believing in me. For showing me how strong I was, how capable, how much I'd overcome.

For letting me love you so fully and in so many ways.

For the balloon ride at dawn over the desert. For climbing the bridge. For the world of fine dining. For the adventure and exploration of rain forests and mountains and oceansides. For the haunting bird calls in the blue mountains. For the mountain glade in the moonlight. For swimming in the ocean at night. For sharing the whales and bears and eagles and hummingbirds. For the gift of wallabies and kangaroos and birds of every sound and rich color, haunting and joyful and exquisite. For the sea eagles and albatross.

For making love under the gum trees overlooking the ocean. For the constant passion and sensuality.

For sharing music and books and plays and movies and t.v. shows and introducing me to cricket.

For the playfulness. For the wordplay. For the letters. The perfect gifts and cards, both given and received.

For convincing me I was loveable.

I'm sorry I wasn't with you when you died.

Thank you for it all.

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” - Dr. Seuss

I'm trying.


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