Monday, November 27, 2006

That special quiet

There is magic in the quiet that a snowfall brings. It muffles everything but is not an empty quiet. And you never forget it once you've experienced being out in it, especially at night.
However, there was none of that to be found when I went out for a walk last night at midnight. No one around at all and for good reason. It was bloody cold! (It's -20 C. with the windchill.) There was no quiet because the wind has been relentless. Oh, and because I couldn't stop giggling as I waded, knee deep, out my front door through the drifts. That didn't help the whole quiet thing.

I no longer own clothes appropriate for such weather so my poor sneakers and jeans weren't too happy. But I was. It was a delight. None of the pics I tried last night turned out because the wind was just too bad and the camera (and me) kept shaking.

Today was beautiful, with the wind still fiercely blowing the snow up on the fields on the valley floor.....

And yesterday I still had a standing willow tree:

At some point this afternoon it gave itself up to the wind and keeled over on to the fence. It was a gentle surrender. (These last two pics were taken through the window's glass so there's some reflection there.)

So this is probably the last sunset through the willow I'll get before someone comes to dismantle it. Oh well, at least I'll get my better view back.


Blogger Karoli said...

It looks like we missed the cold by a week or so...too bad. Coming through the mountains between California and Portland, there was still some snow on the ground but most of it was melting away.

It's too bad about your tree, but on the other hand, your view will be amazing! I'm really enjoying the photos... :)


8:16 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

those are beautiful pictures, definately no snow here but enjoy yours by all means ;)

7:47 PM  
Blogger skeet said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures. I've never lived anywhere that gets much snow, and never managed a winter visit anywhere that does either. The way I know that it's winter now in Hawaii is that the big surf is rolling in and I have to cover up with a sheet at night, over long jammies instead of shorties. :0)

12:38 AM  

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