Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Continuing Adventures of SwampHag

See those pretty flowers? They're kinda how my life's been lately. Colorful and hopeful and a breath of fresh air.
They were a gift today from my best friend. I don't think she has ever come to my home empty-handed and it's almost always flowers. And I love them all, bought, picked from her garden, cut or living (okay, I tend to kill the plants but lately I've even had more luck with that). These are her latest.
Aside from work continuing to be busy, and a busy life in general, and some issues at work I'm not happy about, my life has been pretty good lately.
My sons are doing well. My daughter-in-law is insanely busy and having problems with her blood sugars during the pregnancy (she has Diabetes 1 and it's been a roller coaster and she still isn't even halfway through), but exciting things are happening in her life too. My sons' painting business is growing leaps and bounds, my older son and DIL are going to build a house with the help of my ex, so they'll have a nice new home a few months after the baby is born (they're going to build this coming winter). My DIL will be getting her Bachelors around the time her baby is born AND has been asked to apply to be an assistant to her favorite professor starting in the fall of 2008. She will be doing what she loves (translating from ancient Greek), earning her Masters, and getting published. My younger son has been eating healthier, losing weight, pursuing a busy, sociable life, working hard.
I'm almost afraid of jinxing things by saying this.... I've been dating someone for a while and it's going well so far. I know I will be okay either way and I continue to pursue interests and travel plans. But it sure has been fun to share.
We finally are enjoying some nice weather here. That alone has been a boost.
Today is my mother's birthday, so tomorrow (a day off for me) I'm taking her to Victoria on Vancouver Island to the Royal BC Museum for its Titanic exhibition, a longtime passion of my mother's. I always enjoy the ferry ride over and Victoria in general.
Next week, my best friend and I are going to Whistler/Blackcomb for three days to celebrate 30 years together as best friends. Adventures will include a treetop zipline tour.
I return from that to work next weekend, but Saturday night new man and I will be going to one of the many free venues at the Vancouver Jazz Festival (I'm more into Blues, he's into jazz, and I'm always open to trying music that's new to me).
At the end of the month, my older son, daughter-in-law, new man and I are going again to Victoria to their art gallery for their Rodin exhibit.
It never rains but it pours but - this time - it's almost all good.


Blogger Lee said...

wow, your kids are busy! glad you're having such a good ride right now :) but where are the pictures???? LOL

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