Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Here I Am

Still standing. Barely, admittedly.

January was fun and it all went downhill from there, both a physical and emotional rollercoaster, triggering issues from which I'm still reeling.

Physically, the pain is currently easing somewhat, sleep and allergies are semi under control. Otherwise, it's a work in progress. Not in the depths of it anymore anyway, more on the edge having climbed out of the dark hole.

I'm back to avoiding music for the most part, music and silence. Haven't picked up my camera since January (partly due to ugly wet dark weather.) But I'll get there again.

And I still love my car and iPod while driving. (Even went for a long driving trip to Oregon and back to visit a friend and her husband - nice visit but ridiculously short which was my fault. I'd thought I had to save vacation time for other things which have gone away now. And iPod on shuffle is simply great.)

Someone was nice enough to ask after me recently (thank you!) and between that and where my thoughts have been going the last week or so, it's a good step for me to be here again. :-)

There are a couple of reasons I haven't blogged for a long time:

Just plain busy. Busy and overwhelmed with work (that's finding some balance now, sorta). Busy trying to have a life. Busy getting some work done around my home. Busy busy busy. Where I sit here at my computer is very comfortable but less so than it used to be and sitting in the pretty much the same position for so long is taking its toll so I NEED to get away from the computer whenever I can. Physical reasons and to pursue that pesky life I've been trying on. (For a while I was considering getting a laptop with a wireless connection so I could move around to other parts of the house and be more comfortable, but one of my reasons for getting one - working from a friend's home now and then - isn't going to happen and after doing the work around my home and other expenses AND now a different focus for future income, I've had to let that idea go.)

Mostly, though, I just didn't feel I had anything to say, for myself or for anyone else. I'm back not because I think my entries are so enthralling - *LOL* - but because I think it's good for ME to do this again.



Blogger Lee said...

it's good to see you :) glad you're getting back to yourself, I understand how difficult that can be sometimes.

3:50 PM  
Blogger SwampHag said...

Dear Lee,

Thank you for your kind encouragement; it means a lot.

12:14 AM  

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