Friday, July 21, 2006

Attitude is everything

After another tough week I'm back to my old motto. It's how I've handled FM and other things in my life, because it really is all about attitude. My life is pretty damn good compared to that of so many others in the world and I'm sorry I lost that perspective for a while.

Nothing much to report..... my best friend and her family continue to have a fabulous time in Europe. Some simple kindness from a couple of friends touched my heart. I've spent a fair amount of time with both my sons this week. Sleep remains elusive but, thankfully, not entirely out of reach, and pain is constant. I'm ignoring those who would choose to pull me down. And I'm heading to Seattle for a day at the zoo with friends, in a heat wave with no a/c in my car, but I know it'll be a good day anyway.

Oh, and I snagged my son's digital camera for the day. *grin*

Some more sobering news....

Three months to the day my grandmother died, my uncle has died. (My mother's mother and her younger brother.) His death was a long and painful one and this is a blessing for him. Even though my uncle and my mother no longer got along, this is still a more difficult loss for her as they were once very close. So she's mourning the loss of who he once was, what they once had and it's a difficult time for her, a difficult year. And I'm trying to be there for her.

The example set for me by my parents and their families keeps me on my toes in always endeavoring to break away from their dysfunction. Times like these foster self-examination and I wonder and doubt how successful I've been.

Oops. Better not go down that road.

I'm glad we all have a happy wedding to look forward to this year, something positive in all our lives. :-)

And, if I'm really lucky, I'll get to see some penguins tomorrow.


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