Tuesday, February 07, 2006

2 b or not 2 b?

Just doesn't have the same impact, does it?

I get the whole text and instant messaging thing (heck, I do the latter and have for years). I get that language shortcuts have arisen for their purpose. I also get that language must always evolve if it's going to stay alive.

But please please please can we write properly when we're not using those modes of communication?

I've noticed that people's vocabulary actually seems to be improving while their use and spelling of words are becoming increasingly inaccurate.

So here are some basic tips (aren't you all glad I'm here to set you all straight? ;-) :

'Too', 'two' and 'to' are three different words. None of them are spelled '2'.

It's 'iNput', not 'iMput'.

Learn when to use 'there' (a place), 'they're' (they are) and 'their' (ownership). They're (see how I did that? - you can slap me now, S) not interchangeable.

'You' is not spelled 'u'. Really.

'Except' and 'accept' are each spelled correctly and have entirely different meanings.

Okay, say it with me, folks, "I before E except after C". (Yes, there are a few exceptions - as opposed to 'acceptions' - such as 'weird' - why do people ALWAYS remember the I before E rule when it comes to the word 'weird' but rarely at other times? - but those exceptions are few.)

If you're going to swear at me, please spell it properly. I will not go fuk myself.

And since we're on the subject, 'come' and 'cum' aren't the same either, even when both are used when talking about sex.

Paragraphing can be your friend.


i'm almost done. just a bit more to add. like: Please capitalize the start of your sentences.

'It's' means 'it is'. 'Its' is about ownership. "It's hard to tell what color it is when its color keeps changing."

And the biggie:

You do not pluralize a word by adding an apostrophe S. I know it's tempting. I know that everyone is doing it. I know you see it in store windows and on billboards and in subtitles. But it's WRONG, folks. (Or is that folk's?) This last one has become so prevalent that I catch myself doing it now and then, too. And that REALLY ticks me off.


/end vent



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Resounding applause 2 u!!!! It's well worth saying. :)

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