Monday, May 15, 2006

Playing Tourist

Repeat lesson learned: It doesn't matter what happens (eg. flu or car breaking down), when you're in the right frame of mind to enjoy yourself, you enjoy yourself.

I didn't realize it the last couple of weeks of work but I was fighting a bad flu. No wonder the migraine and FM pain kept escalating with no relief. The first day of my 'vacation', last Friday, was discouraging because I thought "dang! finally take a week off and I'm too sick to enjoy it". But I think that was its last dramatic hurrah and, armed with some meds to treat the symptoms, things began improving after that. A bit of vertigo, nausea and stomach pain linger but it's on its last legs now.

And it didn't really matter.

Saturday I relaxed and though I *could* have done some chores and home projects I decided I wouldn't do a single one of them this week. So I watched some dvds and played an online game for a while with a new friend.

Sunday was gliding and time (and more gaming) with my sons.

Today/Monday we went into North Vancouver. The weather got close to 30 degrees celcius and the city was beautiful. Went to places we hadn't been to since my sons were young. Including Capilano Suspension Bridge with its Treetops Adventure. What's really fun is being surrounded by people from all over the world, hearing different accents and languages. Watching their reactions to the cathedral-like trees. It's not new to us, living where we do, but it's still pretty damn nice. And I'd forgotten how much that bridge reeeeeeally sways, especially in the middle.

From there we went to Lonsdale Quay to explore the shops and foods, and eat lunch looking across the water at Vancouver. Verrrry relaxing, something we all needed, especially my older son who has been dealing with one frantic pressure after another for months now.

Lots of talking, about our lives, philosophies, debating ideas, and PLENTY of teasing along the way.

Next, the seabus to Canada Place (the building with the sails); check out the webcam (scroll down - it's not streaming video, just a series of pics but pretty nice). And watched Deep Sea 3D at the IMAX theatre there. I'd forgotten how much fun 3D can be if done well. And my older son remembered his/our first IMAX 3D experience when he wasn't even 4-yrs-old yet and reaching out to touch the teddy bear that was hovering right in front of him.

Home again to pick up my car (all fixed again, I hope - starter went on it AGAIN on Sunday when we were out and about after the gliding) and crash. I ain't the only one wiped out from all the walking and the heat. And I don't think I'm the only one who had a really good time.

Tomorrow I rest and recover (I hope) and game.

Wednesday back to nature walking with a friend, Thursday the same with my mother. Friday I rest. Saturday my best friend and I will get together and she'll stay the night. We have some plans but they are dependent on the weather (it may be cooler and rainier by the weekend).

And Sunday back to work. Oops! Did I just say that? Shhhhh.


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