Sunday, July 30, 2006

Returning friends

My best friend returns home Monday after a month away. I expect her trip to Europe wasn't long enough for her (from the contact we had, it sounds like she's had a fabulous time) but it was plenty long enough for ME.

(We've been best friends for 29 years and I miss her when she's not around. I'm very lucky to have her in my life. And I'm glad she managed to get online in brief moments throughout the trip to touch base. I look forward to the stories and gazillion pics she'll have to share.)

Another friend I've missed will be back in touch this coming week.

Co-workers are returning from various vacations and conferences and I'm hoping things will settle a bit at work.

I'm feeling worn out, between work and some personal stuff, and I'm hoping this will be an easier week all the way around.

*yawn* Nighty-night all! Don't mind the snorin'. Zzzzzzzzzzzz......


Blogger fishiemommy said...

I am glad your friend is coming home! Snead and I have been friends for 27 years, and it's like that for us, too.

I try not to call her when she's on vacation or even bug her on the weekends, but sometimes the urge to chat becomes overwhelming. hehe

I'd love to have work settle out as well. Ugh. If things don't calm down at least for a while, I may run screaming!

Take it easy, sweetie! You deserve it.

2:21 PM  
Blogger SwampHag said...

Ya, it's been a better week. Took some time to do some fun things just for ME and feeling much less worn out now.

I'm chuckling as I read your comment. My best friend and I try NOT to talk more than once a week on the phone because, well, it doesn't seem to matter how often we talk, we can end up talking for many hours. Pretty nice, though, after all these years, that we still haven't run out of things to say. :-)

2:30 PM  
Blogger fishiemommy said...


Same with Snead and me. We could stay on the phone all day and talk about nothing and be content.

When I was at the beach, she didn't call. I didn't expect her to, but when the phone rang on the last day I was there I KNEW it was her.

Sure enough...She said, "I tried not to call, but I just HAD to tell you something...!" It made my day. I was getting Snead withdrawal.

I guess it's really a treasure to have a friend like that. Someone who is almost a sister.

2:41 PM  
Blogger SwampHag said...

Yes, we are all very lucky. :-)

It was Snead's comments about your friendship that made me think about mine, how long it's been going on, etc.

I love the 'Snead withdrawal' bit. That's exactly it. *laugh*

3:17 PM  

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